One Bite Shrimp Cocktails

12  peeled, uncooked medium sized shrimp
4  corn tortillas
Canola oil for frying
2/3  Cup purchased cocktail sauce, divided
1/2  Cup minced flat leaf parsley
1  Cup V-8 vegetable juice


Cook the shrimp any way you like. (I brushed the shrimp with a little oil and grilled them on a very hot grill pan.)

Cutting tortilla circles:

Heat oil in a small skillet to medium high heat. Cut tortillas with a round cookie cutter that is slightly bigger than the circle of the top of your shot glasses. Cook tortilla circles in oil for about 20 seconds on each side, until lightly crispy but not hard. Press cooked circles with paper towels to remove excess oil. Let cool.

Frying tortilla circles:

Mix together 1/3 cup of cocktail sauce and the V-8 juice. Pour a little liquid into each glass so that there is about 1/2 inch in each.

Spread cocktail sauce on tortilla circles:

Spread on top of each tortilla circle in the following order: 1/2 tablespoon of remaining cocktail sauce; a little parsley; one shrimp.

Topping the tortilla circles:

Place topped tortilla circle on top of each filled glass and serve so that guests will pick up and eat tortilla and shrimp and then drink the liquid in the glass.


You will need 12 small shot glasses or other small glasses to serve this dish the same way it looks in the photo. If you don’t have any of these sized glasses, just serve the top part on a platter without the vegetable juice shot!


About Delicious Goodies

Love life, the outdoors, photography, reading, cooking, baking, spending time with family. Just a girl next door in what I call paradise - Southern California. By no means a professional cook, I do enjoy cooking, trying new recipes and sharing with others. I hope you enjoy what you find here! I have one Vegan in the family, so we are always making two meals, rather fun, and it allows us to try new ideas. When I was in Middle School I use to help my Grandmother make cookie canisters - every year at Christmas we would make an assortment of cookies, breads, candy and put them in a wrapped canister and give them as gifts. I still enjoy this idea, although haven't done it that much - at least not an assortment of goodies. I think this year will be the year I go back to that idea and see how everyone likes it. Have a wonderful week, and spread kindness everywhere you go!
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