Just Wondering . . .

As I drive to work after dropping my Grandson off at school I am noticing all the “working” people around me on this absolutely beautiful Wednesday Morning. . .  Truck drivers delivering their goods, car salesmen waiting for that one customer, Police Officers watching out over the city, and so many, many more, I notice them as I drive to my office job as a Purchasing Manager.

Then I happen to notice a big industrial complex with the Gardeners working very hard at making the outside appearance look pleasing, me noticing the green grass, neatly trimmed, the flowers and or shrubs they use to decorate their buildings.  However what just stops me in my tracks are the “gardeners”, who have taken their time to  push their lawn mowers cutting each blade of grass, pulled the weeds, trimmed the bushes and flowers, raked up the leaves to make it so appealing to everyone who passes by.  Then, you first hear it, then see the final touches, the damn leaf blower, pushing all the leaves, cut grass clippings and such into the street.

H E L L O – how is that making anything better?  Sure it clears it off the property you have just worked on, but to blow it in the street means the street is now littered, the cars passing by soon will blow and push the debris up onto the lawn you just blew it off of.

Why is this NOT littering?  Why is this allowed?  Besides the noise factor, why be able to just push what you don’t want on your property into the street?  Does that mean we all can do this while working in our own yards?  Pulled weeds, trimmed grass, dropped leaves, just dispose of them on the public street rather than in a yard waste barrel that will use these clippings and such for mulch?

I think this should be something the cities issue fines to  gardeners/homeowners for, after all, why should we be allowed to become lazy and bypass a trash barrel just because it is easier to blow it into someone else’s yard, or on the public street?  I personally think it then makes the street look messy, and the first people I want to blame are the gardeners. Now use a blower, vacuum, and pick up with you are blowing around is ok, but they are NOT doing this!

Alright,  that is my rant for the day, I feel better, although most of you won’t have much to say one way or the other, it was something that I just had to voice truly bothers me.  Sure there are many more important issues to be concerned with, but this little thing just bothers me.

Take on your day and make the most of it.




About Delicious Goodies

Love life, the outdoors, photography, reading, cooking, baking, spending time with family. Just a girl next door in what I call paradise - Southern California. By no means a professional cook, I do enjoy cooking, trying new recipes and sharing with others. I hope you enjoy what you find here! I have one Vegan in the family, so we are always making two meals, rather fun, and it allows us to try new ideas. When I was in Middle School I use to help my Grandmother make cookie canisters - every year at Christmas we would make an assortment of cookies, breads, candy and put them in a wrapped canister and give them as gifts. I still enjoy this idea, although haven't done it that much - at least not an assortment of goodies. I think this year will be the year I go back to that idea and see how everyone likes it. Have a wonderful week, and spread kindness everywhere you go!
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